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Cruel Summer (Artwork)

After Kanye decided to push the G.O.O.D Music collab album back, dude tweeted the album cover of his label’s project a couple of hours ago…which drops on September 4th.

We might get the album before it’s due date so be sure to visit the blog often *shrugs* ’cause #IPutYouOn 😉

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Tha Carter IV

Tha Carter IV (TCIV).. Okay so it sold like 900 000 something copies or so but the question is did it deserve to? … All the ignorant weezy fans will say yes.. But all the people that really know their shit gon say no….
6’7′ ft. Cory Gunz .. Was quite abnormal I was like damn this nigga is a beast.. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna” I mean WTF.. Then John came along and I was going crazy.. Then came How To Love.. (Weezy’s failed attempt at trying to be Drake/Kanye..) …. It’s like soccer.. One touch too many.. I mean you drop the album before we get your ugly songs.. How to love was just lame. But people went crazy for it .. Why? I’ll tell you why.. Because it was Lil Wayne.. When you make a name for yourself you’ll have those die hard fans that’ll stick with your shit through thick and thin..that’s how the album sold.. Coz this guy was Wayne and he depended on the name “Tha Carter”.. Mirror ft. Bruno Mars was another shitty track.. Weezy basically used hook music on the album.. (Hook music is drake music.. Rappin whatever just to build up to the hook).. And that’s not his strong side.. His strong side is talking shit like he did on the intro, megaman, 6’7′, John and Its Good.
She Will .. I listen to it but really its a bloody dissapointment.. A waste .. Drake trying to seem hard and tryna create this bad boy image.. Weezy was just rapping, you don’t know what the song is about until you hear the hook.. Am I wrong? Doubt it.. But all the die hard fans will try to argue with me.
Holy Grail….. Ooohhh psshh nvm there isn’t a track like that in the history of history!!! Buut my fav line is “Holy Grail, holy shit these people is lying” .. Lol you don’t get it? (Turtle minded fucks.. TMF)..
Abortion is the standout track for me.. That and nighmares of the bottom.. Why? Simply coz he is doing what he is known for.. The punchlines you didn’t expect..

All in all I think he tried too hard, he repeated lines .. But in a smart way.. Though the whole album sounds the same.. It sounds like an unofficial mixtape.. I would rather buy Tha Carter 2 than this piece of garbage.. Really a waste of money and time. TCIV ladies and gentlemen.. 🙂

XtotheO bitches.

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