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The Stalker (some serious ass shizniz)


this is old..wrote it like last year but i still like it. its just something to creep your moffie asses out and hopefully somehow entertain yal, i dont know really.. call this the stalker (and hell yeah G write poetry ..fuck you on about/ hahaha….enjoy!)



I know, i know, i know, i know..
I will, i will, i will, i will..
I wont i know i wont.. Avenge my pain with a kill..
Maybe i should, maybe i shouldnt think..
Maybe i should just let loose and get controlled by whats in my drink..
Lemme stop, stop right here, lemme go no further..
Lemme carry on, coz it wont be seen as murder..
If i go to her crib, take the money and the jewellery..

Make it all seem like a simple robbery..
Its gonna look like an accident, no one’s gonna think that it was me..
Stab her in her heart, take her life and leave..
But what if she survives, what if she dies?
Why am i thinking when i know whats right..
She betrayed me, its time i tied the score..
Slit her neck n carry the head of this little whore.. 
Does she know how much i care bout her..
How much i love her and what i’d do for her..
I guess not, maybe its hard to see..
Maybe she knows but maybe she wants to just hurt me..
I dont know why but tonight is the nite i deliver the blow..
I wanna see her blood on the floor..
I wanna make her feel exactly what i felt..
When i found out she getting married to somebody else..
She can scream if she wants to but that wont help..
Imma lick my weapon clean at the end.. The sweet taste of revenge..
Hurting u will hurt me but i dont give a damn..
Coz if i cant have you nobody can.. 
Siya . . .
this..i think is what i am and B..yeah not poetry but entertainment and art and shit. this is some real ass shit, thinking about writing a book based on this soon.. dreamer? maybe, i like to think of myself as a light-realist. but still im young and shit 🙂

life and shit

Before you judgmental fucks get to judge again on me missing the point I won’t have a point at the end of this one.. Just thought you should know..

Uhm well this is supposed to be about my problems .. My name is “anonymous” .. I can’t reveal who I am..
These issues are so personal that I can’t even link them to me.. Man.. Van .. Whatever! You know the shit when you so into someone that shit is killing you.. Its killing you in a way that you can’t consider it bad or anything like that.. You think its good coz your being abused by the person that’s supposed to be good for you.. Uhh well its just pain.. You convince yourself that this shit is just a phase.. You gon pass. Its just shit I can’t put in words at the moment .. Sorry for the diction but I don’t have the right or should I say appropriate words at the moment. Its a situation in which I’m in a state of mind where I can’t really express myself, I’m just confused.. You know its just sad that the same person who was supposed to bring life to you.. To be your angel is the same person that kills you (emotionally that is).. Is it the bad girls we tend to fall for? Yeah.. I find myself chasing bad women with hopes that I might be the one to change them.. Make em perfect so we can live happily ever after.. Yeah, we also on that fairy tale shit.. But we prefer concealing it.. We conceal alota shit.. Pain and stuff.. I mean when we get to reveal our emotions its just a sign of weakness.. This might be wrong but its how its fixed in our minds.. I don’t wanna be known as the dude with the soft spot. You know but that’s just irrelevant ..
Well nothing supposed to be relevant .. As I was saying, the shit kills you and you don’t know that its killing you because your inlove with this person..that you can’t feel anything except for what you wanna feel.. Its almost like your falling inlove with death, you know that its gonna murder you but your so happy with shit that you turn facts into possibilities .. And reality into some kind of happy story.. Where you hope not to find darkness.. Darkness being those emotions that are found in reality.. The bad ones! Hope yall can relate to this because is just for the hearts.. Don’t think, feel it.
Haha but whatever you’ve been through or whatever your going through aint stopping you from living..

XtotheO people..
Hearts and Guidance

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