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Everybody put 3 Fingers in the Air!!!

Now, everybody’s been asking me “yo, whatsup with u and this ‘HiiiPoWeR’ you’re always on about??” maybe YOU, the one reading this post, aren’t quite too sure either. Mxargh, that’s no biggie! That’s what I’m here for. Lemme take y’all to school 🙂 *shrugs*
(If you aren’t Christian, close this post NOW, coz it’s about to get real religious in this mother’) I trust y’all know about God, all so powerful, the Man who created the world we live in today. Now God, God is a really thoughtful God! (as u should know), since He blessed us all with families, roofs over our heads, food, girls (for us straight guys *no diss*) etc…..BUT, on June 17 1987, God stepped His blessings game up yo!!! Y’all know God spent 6 days creating the Earth right, and on the 7th day, he rested (which is why Sunday is somewhat known as “Rest(ing) Day”). NAAAAH homey! God never rested that day! He was launching, moulding his best work to date…….KENDRICK LAMAR!!!

You know what they say right? About perfection taking time and all? DUDE! This took more than time! Took like a millennium or something for my dude Kendrick Lamar to be done didid! And for this, I thank God for taking his time and being thoughtful and caring enough to bless rap/hip hop with such art :’)
My nigga Kendrick was born in California, where all ’em hard rappers are from (Tupac, Dr. Dre, Eazy, NWA etc) but Kendrick is kinda like the opposite :/ He a soft nigga yo (._.) He ain’t rapping about killing people (with guns, coz lyrically & verbally he’ll MURDER your ass!) but he talks about such, violence and whatnot as he was born and raised in the ghetto.
No exaggerating or anything, but Kendrick might be something like a TV game cartridge man. Flow, delivery, punchlines, technique, confidence etc, man, he’s got it all! 11 in 1!

But let’s talk about #HiiiPower. What is HiiiPower? HiiiPower is a movement or “slogan” shall we say, that was started by Heaven’s very own talent, Kendrick Lamar. Y’all probably wondering “yo why the 3 i’s? What they there for?” Well the 3 i’s represent your first 3 fingers, as you’d hear Kendrick saying “Everybody put 3 fingers in the air” on the song ‘HiiiPower’ on #Section80. I know what’s on your mind right now, you’re probably thinking “man, this some Illuminati shit!” Wrong! Kendrick ain’t down like that. The 3 i’s in ‘HiiiPower’ stand for Heart, Honour, Respect. And by that you can easily spot how Kendrick Lamar is as a rapper…..he’s got a brain, quite the intellect, and he once was a conscious rapper too. He ain’t no ordinary rapper! Man, the word I’m looking for to describe him ain’t even in the dictionary! He’s something else man. Check him out, u won’t regret it.

What bothers me the most is the frequent questions of why Lil Wayne or Jay-Z isn’t the best rapper alive anymore. It’s simple. ‘Section 80’ dropped.


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New the “Kid” on the block..

Well well well.. We meet again you mamafuckers!! Fuck today I’m a bit offish but that shit don’t stop a real nigga from being real right? Yessir bish!! Soo let’s get to bidness shall we?

Okay .. So I’ve been vibin wit some cats you know, the usual, kanye, jigga, drake, wayne etc but these niggas aint releasin shit you know.. They takin they’re time and all .. Nothing wrong widdat but we do need to refresh our playlists you know (if I’m not making sense forgive me.. I’m thinkin bout some other shit.. Porn and drugs..).. But what I’m tryna say is the “game” needs somethin new.. And I know a nigga who can give the game this.. The hip hop game that is..
Name: Kid Ink..
Age: young enough
Genre: great music..
Haha, kid ink is a kid from L.A .. He’s the average cali cat.. Tatts all over his body, that “I don’t give a fuck attitude” and that simple yet stylish swag.. This nigga is the shit, ninja be a producer, a songwriter and an artist (don’t wanna say rapper and singer coz this guy mixes a bit of both.. Pure genius..)
This nigga got in the game in 2010 wit a mixtape titled “Crash Landing” .. Since the he dropped three more tapes namely “Daydreamer”, “Wheels Up” and “Roll Up”.. Nigga got the internet going crazy, he teamed with the most famous mixtape hosts ever (Dj Ill and Dj Rockstar.. A host basically organises beats for your tape and gets the features and pays your ass and shit.. They shout on a track too, and the basically promote your tape to the public.. These guys got big money.. Khaled, Ill Will, Drama and Rockstar.. Etc).. Him and his DJs formed the group AMG (alumni music group in 2010).. His style is very unusual, this guy makes the greatest music, he seems like the typa guy that’s always down for a nice time and is always happy, he discusses issues that we all go thru.. You know..
imagine Tyga and Sean and Drake and Wayne altogether.. This nigga is all that, trust me nigga good .. And the world is starting to recognize, he just got a chance to cover XXL mag for the class of 2012 and to tell you the truth nigga deserves to be there, haha he’s like the class clown there.. This nigga is too cool for school!! HAHA, he is a modern version of Kanye West.. Does everything on his own and every song is worth vibin to..
Imma give you a few links .. A few.. Just for the songs I like – Kid ink – 360(feat. Meek Mill) – Kid Ink – Insane (intro for his tape “roll up”) – Kid Ink – Like a G (feat. Travis Porter)..

And ninja got a soft side.. But its gangster 🙂 – Kid Ink – Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll (feat. K-Young) – Kid Ink – Closet Freak..

The songs I fuck with are Like a G and insane..
#BatGang .. Up all nite!!! (That’s the niggas motto… Work!)

Yal should vibe wit him.. He too cool!


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shot for me (remix)

I can see it on your skin.. The ntsente..
I regret why I even asked you to come here..
Now I’m mad coz girl yuh stink bad..
Yes I’m mad coz you forgot to take a bath..
All the perfumes that I bought..
All the shit that you got..
Now you tryna tell me that all this shit aint workin at all..
Its a shame you didn’t use it..
The lifebouy the cologne I know its in the trash..
But now you reek, now you reek..
First you a skipped a day but right now its a whole week..
And now you smell.. Pretty bad ..
Your odor is the reason why the laugh..
So, take a shower for me!!


May your friends stick wit you..
Germs neglect..
Protex protect you..
And the world will accept you..

Laugh a little live a little and fuck big!!



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he who laughs last laughs the hardest

It was in 2005 .. I remember that day like it was yesterday .. I was on the porch, chillin half naked with my 8 pac showin ( I gotta look good .. This is my story) my cousin and his friends were bangin music(hip hop… At the time I hated hip hop .. I was vibin wit Zola and em.. God forgave me) but there was this one song, them ninjas was playin it over and over again .. At the time I couldn’t understand what the song was about but damn did I like it.. So I step inside you know and these ninjas are arguin.. Bout who the next great is gonna be.. Hip hop great that is.. A few guys were feelin 50 and Em.. A few were sayin lil scrappy and this other mamafucker said “kanye west”.. Ninja said it wit soo much confidence and these other dudes just laughed.. Made me wonder why.. But there poor ninja shut his trap and we all listened to the song .. This song was about a female-mine worker that didn mess with broke “uh’s” .. I didn’t even know what it meant (bare in mind I was the youngest ninja there)but it was soooo good that I didn’t have to know what it exactly meant.. Who was this guy? (Soo it doesn’t take a genuis to figure out that I was daft that year.. In terms of music).. This “kanye west” supporter got up and took his disc out the player.. And he got out the house.. This dude was clearly upset.. But it left me wondering who this kanye character is.. I mean he was dumb doesn’t he know its Kanya or another name.. Damn idiot. You know, but I got to watch television that nite and I saw the music video for the song that was playin on the dvd.. Its this kanye ninja.. The guy didn’t look like much of a rapper as he wasn’t walkin round half naked with tatoos all over and he didn’t even wear baggy jeans.. He was in somekinda suit, this guy actually looked like a singer to me and his flow and all weren’t all that but he had me boppin my head to his shit, like it wasn’t that hard shit with a room full of niggas holdin up their pistols it was something soulful and kinda humorous.. this artist had my attention.. I spent 2 years tryna get his music and with every song I got I was kinda liking his sound. Its the typa sound that doesn’t get old, that new sound.. This guy started a trend.. Whole lotta rappers started faking but it wasn’t the same.. This dude then dropped his RnB album .. And it was criticized a lot but again this nigga started a trend, a lotta rappers started singin.. Then drake came and jacked this guys style and somehow he made it work.. This guy paves the way for hip hops “it” dude (that’s a gay term.. So uhm.. No somizi) .. He wasn’t the traditional rapper (the rappers that came from the hood and were arrested and had learnt how to express their anger through music while they were in jail.. You know “that story”..) Prolly why those ninjas laughed at this guy who was supportin Kanye.. Man, but 14 grammys later, a couple of moonmans etc.. The whole world came to respect this genius.. And they shoulda..

This nigg.. Kanye Omari West is hip hop altogether .. He starts these trends and he deserves all the accolades and shit.. And possibly more.. If this guy aint your fav artist than make a plan co this fucker is a genius.
(I’m sorry .. This was rushed, blame B..)


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There are approximately 2 weeks left till the much anticipated Drake sophomore album drops!

Since I have a very good and loving heart, I decided to share the tracklist with y’all. Yuup, THE TAKE CARE TRACKLIST!

Just thank me later 🙂
(Here we go)

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines
4. Crew Love ft. The Weeknd
5. Take Care ft. Rihanna
6. Marvins Room
7. Under Ground Kings
8. We’ll Be fine
9. Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj
10. Lord Knows ft. Rick Ross (Prod. Just Blaze)
11. Cameras
12. Doing It Wrong
13. The Real Her ft. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne
14. Look What You’ve Done (Prod. Kanye West)
15. HYFR ft. Lil Wayne
16. Practice
17. *The Ride*

18. Hate Sleeping Alone
19. Untitled ft. Lil Wayne

(I put The Ride with stars around it because it’s one of the songs I’m very eager to hear)

Like I said, #ThankMeLater 🙂


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We Taking Care Of Everything

It’s what we all waiting for ain’t it!?!? 😀 Shit’s about to get real soon…real soon!

So this kid over here, Drizzy, is dropping his sophomore album on the 15th of November. If you didn’t know, act like you know. You don’t wanna be that fool that shouts and tweets about a Take Care dropping on the 24th of October now do you? The normal people (us hip hop heads) will look at you all weird and shit, like, “dude, the fuck you been? DJ Sdunkero’s studio?” Or “dude, you have a flip phone don’t you?” Cause that’s like a phone for house freaks where they store their “organized noise” music and stuff. :/ So you really don’t wanna be that fool. Just thank me later (u_u)

The lytie has been dropping a few joints here and there. Mainly every month. Like, last month, Drizzy blessed us with THREE songs he’s been working on, namely Club Paradise, Free Spirit & Round Of Applause…in that order. Now JUST a few hours ago, lytie blessed us with another joint called Make Me Proud featuring Nicki Minaj, produced by T. Minus. I don’t know about y’all but this song made me more eager for Take Care 😀

November 15, we taking care of shit!

B (you know what to do *shrugs*)

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“Hello Mr. Nice Watch.”

All the people that know me very well know that I look up to this guy! Well, he’s one of the many rappers & musicians I look up to, but they know fa’sho that he’s at the top of the list!

My big bro (we’re related, don’t ask how) dropped a song yesterday that will be on his debut album, (Cole World: Sideline Story) Mr. Nice Watch, with his mentor and “father figure” Jay-Z! I’m happy for him cos he’s BEEN nagging and asking Jay-Z to feature him on his album and the old timer delivered. And he diiiid *Wayne voice*

I won’t review the song, I’ll do that when the album has shipped and all. But, fuck it, to be honest, I’m excited to hear this album cos it seems like things are looking up for Roc Nation’s #1 soldier. 😀

Where are all my #ColeWorld fans!?!?! September 27, 2011 is the day our lives change! Order the album NOOOW. I have. I swear you won’t regret it! I mean, it’s J. COLE!!

B (insert really cool signature here)

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