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teargas 4th album

I know. Its been a while. I also know this post is really really late .. Like nearly 6 months late, but better late then never. So let me get to it..

Never wanted to post about this album really, especially after the song “wake up” wasn’t really that interesting, but after I heard the whole album I thought I should just blog about it..

The album “Number Number” (stylized “Num8er Num8er) is the groups fourth offering. The album also features international artists like “2face” and it consists of 15 songs. Starting from the intro to the last song (which is party #88) the album goes in heavily. Here’s a track to track review of the album ..

1. “Intro”
– not much really, just a guy talking bout how significant numbers are.. really cool intro considering the layout and the title/concept of the album.

2. “Like Never Before”
– if you’d hear this song’s instrumental, you’d think Meek Mill and/or Rick Ross, but the guys did well on this. Starting off with Ma-E and his usual Ma-Eezy lyrics (easy to write, easy to sing along to, easy to hate) then K.O with one of his knock-out verses and then Ntukza .. He does what he does best and his flow at first is just unexpected!
Verses: 5/10
Hook: 7/10
Quotable line: “ndidla ikeke and take a nap, itis”

3. Turning Tables ft. 2face
– this song is worth an open minded listen. those that know me well know how I love Naija music and this song carries out the Naija essencee quite well. And no its not coz 2face is on the hook. Its the hook and the beat and the concept. the song discusses money, but in a sincere way (how it can turn the tables around). I thought since 2face was on the hook I was safe from hearing these guys try to sing but I wasn’t lucky. A very nice song, starting off with Ma-E, then K.O and Ntukzarido! Relevant verses.
Verses: 5.5/10
Hook: 7/10
Quotable line: n/a , for me everyone was just being simple with it.

4. Forgive Me ft. Lilly Million
– the vocals on the hook are so incredible. Lilly Million goes in smoothly over this soulful instrumental and she sets the stage up perfectly for the guys. 1st verse goes to KO .. He somehow finds a way to talk about money on this song which makes him very irrelevant. Ma-E really killed this one (he smartly links the dots back to their first song “chance” ) and then Ntukza followed. Everyone here is asking for forgiveness but K.O andimazi wenzani.
Verses: 6.5/10
Hook: 8/10
Quotable: n/a

5. Ok, right
– the Black Storm Team produced song goes in.. But it sounds like Shut It Down part 2 (without Cashtime) probably because it was produced by the same guys! Everyone went in here, Ma-E was Ma-Hard here .. The songs is too cool deserves a video!
Verses: 7/10
Hook: 7.5/10
Quotable: “tshel’ ipromoter I’m too big for your gig – terabyte”

6 Wake Up
– I’m annoyed by these guys’ singing .. Ingathi heye gospel! But its an ok track I don’t like it. it’s a funny song.
Verses: 4/10
Hook: 5/10
Quotable line: n/a

7 Paradise ft Toya DeLazy
– on the seventh track I exepected Ma-E to start but Ntukza went in first and he .. Well.. Took Ma-E’s position and that’s pretty much what he did. Ma-E followed and didn’t really get me out of my seat, K.O went in and moer’d it! I think the guys got launched .. Well they did. Toya DeLazy is a great artist .. Put Teargas in the mix the song gets awkward. I don’t really get the point of this song, its just not relevant.
Verses: 3/10
Hook: 5/10
Quotable: “I will hunt you then I will munch you, smartphone”

8 Hands Up
– what would a Teargas album be without that song where the hook has the words “hands up”. Lol, I like this song, the beat has a rock element about it, with the electric guitars running throughout, it sounds nice, starts off with K.O > Ma-E > Ntukza .. Everyone drops off that incredible line. Ma-E “Rise from the underground. Hot. Volcanic” .. Didn’t really expect that from Eezy!
Verses: 6.5/10
Hook: 5/10
Quotable: “make sure you keep my name far from yours, spacebar”

9 Put U On ft. Zion (from liquideep)
– yes its about girls. The song is about how the guys fall for these girls that are sexy and blah blah.. They want to give them all the finer things in life. Smooth track, Zion’s singing is just perfect for this cut and everyone went in freely . A lose, feel good song.
Verses: 6/10
Hook: 8/10
Quotable: “love is accidental, hate is premeditated”

10 Number Number
– “get up, get up, and play your part”, the first words you hear are those. One of those inspiring songs where the guys point out how they survived the bad things that happen eKasi, how they turned their lives around. Soulful song, the hook resembles “Wake Up”
Verses: 7/10
Hook: 7/10
Quotable: “its up to you and its down to me, loko kutsho ukuthi unga phantsi kimi you can’t look down on me”

11 Single
– lol, this is my favourite song on the album .. The guys would love this song, especially K.O’s verse. Everyones singing and for once its relevant, the song starts off with a gospel-like melody .. It’s about how the guys are getting played by their partners. It’s a very deep song, nothing like Teargas.
Verses: 7/10
Hook: 9/10
Quotable: “uzozbona, uzozbona, andsa funi uk’jola and I don’t need your love”

12 Jabula
– this song, too, starts with a gospel like vibe but its a nice feel good song. With Ma-E laying his 2nd best verse on the album, the song starts on a high and it just gets better.
Verses: 7.5/10
Hook: 7/10
Quotable: “pockets used to be empty like January rich”

13 Another Weekend, Another Funeral
– this song discusses life and how the guys miss their loved ones that have passed away. Ma-E lost his friend, K.O lost his Grandma and Ntukza lost his daddy. Nice song. Hook done by Ma-E and its quite good
Verses: 6/10
Hook: 7/10
Quotable: “sikhulile kule game, siBig! Stretch marks!”

14 Its On
– I think this song is really awkward, it reminds me of the song “Take It Easy” .. I hate recycled ideas but yeah.
Verses: 3/10
Hook: 4/10
Quotable: n/a

15 Party #88
– the Spikiri produced cut is what South African hip hop should sound like .. It uses a Kwaito beat and a Hip Hop hook good verses. You know the song, I like it. A lot of people don’t..
Verses: 6/10
Hook: 7/10
Quotable: “andiwahambi ama party afanna ne boxing ring, la’thola khona icherrie zama glove”

All in all the album is a good one. Worth its money, though it has its dull moments with the guys’ singing and all its still quite good.
Album: 6.5/ 10


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