Hug And Kiss Our Asses…X and O

New the “Kid” on the block..

Well well well.. We meet again you mamafuckers!! Fuck today I’m a bit offish but that shit don’t stop a real nigga from being real right? Yessir bish!! Soo let’s get to bidness shall we?

Okay .. So I’ve been vibin wit some cats you know, the usual, kanye, jigga, drake, wayne etc but these niggas aint releasin shit you know.. They takin they’re time and all .. Nothing wrong widdat but we do need to refresh our playlists you know (if I’m not making sense forgive me.. I’m thinkin bout some other shit.. Porn and drugs..).. But what I’m tryna say is the “game” needs somethin new.. And I know a nigga who can give the game this.. The hip hop game that is..
Name: Kid Ink..
Age: young enough
Genre: great music..
Haha, kid ink is a kid from L.A .. He’s the average cali cat.. Tatts all over his body, that “I don’t give a fuck attitude” and that simple yet stylish swag.. This nigga is the shit, ninja be a producer, a songwriter and an artist (don’t wanna say rapper and singer coz this guy mixes a bit of both.. Pure genius..)
This nigga got in the game in 2010 wit a mixtape titled “Crash Landing” .. Since the he dropped three more tapes namely “Daydreamer”, “Wheels Up” and “Roll Up”.. Nigga got the internet going crazy, he teamed with the most famous mixtape hosts ever (Dj Ill and Dj Rockstar.. A host basically organises beats for your tape and gets the features and pays your ass and shit.. They shout on a track too, and the basically promote your tape to the public.. These guys got big money.. Khaled, Ill Will, Drama and Rockstar.. Etc).. Him and his DJs formed the group AMG (alumni music group in 2010).. His style is very unusual, this guy makes the greatest music, he seems like the typa guy that’s always down for a nice time and is always happy, he discusses issues that we all go thru.. You know..
imagine Tyga and Sean and Drake and Wayne altogether.. This nigga is all that, trust me nigga good .. And the world is starting to recognize, he just got a chance to cover XXL mag for the class of 2012 and to tell you the truth nigga deserves to be there, haha he’s like the class clown there.. This nigga is too cool for school!! HAHA, he is a modern version of Kanye West.. Does everything on his own and every song is worth vibin to..
Imma give you a few links .. A few.. Just for the songs I like – Kid ink – 360(feat. Meek Mill) – Kid Ink – Insane (intro for his tape “roll up”) – Kid Ink – Like a G (feat. Travis Porter)..

And ninja got a soft side.. But its gangster 🙂 – Kid Ink – Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll (feat. K-Young) – Kid Ink – Closet Freak..

The songs I fuck with are Like a G and insane..
#BatGang .. Up all nite!!! (That’s the niggas motto… Work!)

Yal should vibe wit him.. He too cool!


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One response

  1. Ye'

    Sorry here are the proper links.. (kid ink -360 ft.meek mill) (kid ink – insane) (kid ink – like a g ft.travis porter)

    March 15, 2012 at 3:17 pm

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