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Everybody put 3 Fingers in the Air!!!

Now, everybody’s been asking me “yo, whatsup with u and this ‘HiiiPoWeR’ you’re always on about??” maybe YOU, the one reading this post, aren’t quite too sure either. Mxargh, that’s no biggie! That’s what I’m here for. Lemme take y’all to school šŸ™‚ *shrugs*
(If you aren’t Christian, close this post NOW, coz it’s about to get real religious in this mother’) I trust y’all know about God, all so powerful, the Man who created the world we live in today. Now God, God is a really thoughtful God! (as u should know), since He blessed us all with families, roofs over our heads, food, girls (for us straight guys *no diss*) etc…..BUT, on June 17 1987, God stepped His blessings game up yo!!! Y’all know God spent 6 days creating the Earth right, and on the 7th day, he rested (which is why Sunday is somewhat known as “Rest(ing) Day”). NAAAAH homey! God never rested that day! He was launching, moulding his best work to date…….KENDRICK LAMAR!!!

You know what they say right? About perfection taking time and all? DUDE! This took more than time! Took like a millennium or something for my dude Kendrick Lamar to be done didid! And for this, I thank God for taking his time and being thoughtful and caring enough to bless rap/hip hop with such art :’)
My nigga Kendrick was born in California, where all ’em hard rappers are from (Tupac, Dr. Dre, Eazy, NWA etc) but Kendrick is kinda like the opposite :/ He a soft nigga yo (._.) He ain’t rapping about killing people (with guns, coz lyrically & verbally he’ll MURDER your ass!) but he talks about such, violence and whatnot as he was born and raised in the ghetto.
No exaggerating or anything, but Kendrick might be something like a TV game cartridge man. Flow, delivery, punchlines, technique, confidence etc, man, he’s got it all! 11 in 1!

But let’s talk about #HiiiPower. What is HiiiPower? HiiiPower is a movement or “slogan” shall we say, that was started by Heaven’s very own talent, Kendrick Lamar. Y’all probably wondering “yo why the 3 i’s? What they there for?” Well the 3 i’s represent your first 3 fingers, as you’d hear Kendrick saying “Everybody put 3 fingers in the air” on the song ‘HiiiPower’ on #Section80. I know what’s on your mind right now, you’re probably thinking “man, this some Illuminati shit!” Wrong! Kendrick ain’t down like that. The 3 i’s in ‘HiiiPower’ stand for Heart, Honour, Respect. And by that you can easily spot how Kendrick Lamar is as a rapper…..he’s got a brain, quite the intellect, and he once was a conscious rapper too. He ain’t no ordinary rapper! Man, the word I’m looking for to describe him ain’t even in the dictionary! He’s something else man. Check him out, u won’t regret it.

What bothers me the most is the frequent questions of why Lil Wayne or Jay-Z isn’t the best rapper alive anymore. It’s simple. ‘Section 80’ dropped.


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2 responses

  1. Ye'

    Visions of martin luther starin at me!! Truly a great post nigg

    March 15, 2012 at 9:07 pm

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