Hug And Kiss Our Asses…X and O

Drizzy Drake


I dont know what imma say about this guy since the world has pretty much said everything about him, but imma be real on this one..

Drake is not a rapper.. he is not a singer.. he’s what you call an artist.
My friends often think i hate this dude but its time i face facts this guy is the man.. He isnt bragging about money, women, pussy etc. he is just telling you his story. His heartache. Even on tracks like “Over” (That shit you bopped your head to last year..) this guy was venting. This guy is like a venting machine.. he got his own genre…Vent Music, he’s music aint chart topping material .. No not at all, this guy just makes the type of shit that touches you.. It’s like he’s trying to get you to hear his problems and understand them so you dont fuck up like he did.. He makes Emo Anthems (I came up with that too.. Watch this space).. I mean he brought RnB to the gangsters.. Now the hard people got hearts too (… Yes It happened to me..) This dude along with Noah “40” Shebib and (sometimes) Boi-1-Da make something beyond music.. His lyrics are easy but still the shit he says gets yiu, he doesnt have witty lines but he has the type of lines no one woulda thought about (Listen to “The Calm” and “Say Whats Real” where he says the most profound stuff ever in the history).. I once listened to his song “Dreams Money Can Buy” .. I hated it but as time went by i actually found it interesting.. His lyrics are on point.. He paints a picture and the beats just fill it up with colour.. All of his songs hit that part.. or in my case creates the part… Aubrey DRAKE Graham Ladies and Gentleman 🙂


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