Hug And Kiss Our Asses…X and O

wayne makes headlines with jay-z diss (pun intended)

… Hi again :-).. How you guys doing? .. Shut the fuck up I don’t care how yal doing.. I just wanna talk my shit again. Listen up!

Before we get started .. I just wanna let you know that this isn’t for people who don’t like foul lang.
Soo by now we all know the song HAM (if u don’t I just suggest u go lock yourself up and listen to house music till u die) and there’s a line there where Jay says ”I’m like really half a billi nigga, really you got baby money”.. And all of u fucks that know the song sang along but little did we know that was a shot at birdman and wayne ..
Birdman “baby” Williams and Lil Wayne (owner of “Young Money”).. I hope you get that.. Lemme break it down to you turtle minded people .. Wayne got his money from Baby a.k.a Birdman! And Jay is richer than birdman thus he has Baby money.. Get it! Goooood
Sooo now Wayne was quick to catch on and he replied.. Blah blah I don’t really care bout that though.. But the thing about it is that wayne dissed jay on a track with Drake on it.. It was really straight forward but what I like about this is that drake claims he knew nothing bout the diss. Wow. I mean this is the guy that said “if one of goes in then we all go through it” and then he says he isn’t part of it .. Damnit what a team player! Lol I just wanted to add that but what I’m saying is wayne is just crazy taking shots at jay..

Jay or Wayne?

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