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the class of 2011part 1

Don’t know why I tagged big sean but eh…

The class of 2011 .. Probably the best freshmen class ever.. Even better than drakes class.. If yuh wanna argue lemme tell u why I think they’re great.. These guys are not normal…
Tyler The Fuck’n Creator.. This guy is fuck’n crazy, I mean this guy is the new Eminem.. He hates homosexual people (I really wanted to use the diction he uses but sadly I can’t.. Bare with me).. This guy can say anything and he can get away with it, I mean he said he wanted to kill Bruno Mars and we laughed and we put the joint on repeat.. Get me? He can say anything and you wouldn’t take him seriously just because .. You would just laugh at how this dude is fuck’n crazy(I just wanted to talk like him) .. This guy doesn’t have a conscious, and its amazing how he doesn’t care! his music is dark.. I call it Goblin music.. And his voice cracks me up!!! Tyler The Fuck’n Creator ladies and gentlemen (he deserves the F word in his name.. Tyler The Fuck’n Fag Hater Creator- it even rhymes)….

Wiz Khalifa …
Introducing the Marijuana Ambassador .. (Weed sounds so un-official).. Wiz Let’s Get High Khalifa, not much of a rapper, but he has this thing about him.. My friend (B.. He goes by the alias B.. Sounds cool, I know buuut…. NVM) well B hates this guy.. Khalifa but the other day I found this nigga in a corner listenin to “On My Level” .. And I’m like “WTF” though I act like I didn see him.. And I did some research I asked some people what they think about him.. People don’t like him.. But his music grows on you. He isn’t witty he hasn’t got the tightest flow but this dude has something.. Let me tell you what it is.. Its the loose ass flow! You catch on to his lines easily and those catchy hooks.. And the way he talks about marijuana and champagne.. Its like this guy is your neighbour .. The one who tells you stories bout the party last night.. I’m also confused as you are.. Lol. Don laugh.. This dude is the definition of a freshman .. Fresh, new and crazy.. Carefree.. Etc. And we like him because he is that close to us, close as in he seems normal, like you can see him walking down the street.. He’s normal.. Love it or not you do sing his songs sometimes ..

this was only part 1 .. Hihihi (evil laugh) I’ll educate you’s guys laaaaateeeeer!!!
Si-Ye’ bishes

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